SC B Animated!

B, is one of our original characters.  He and his buddy the Balkenator, started it all in the Studio.  I'm very proud to announce he's now part of our Sketch Colorings™.
Sketch Coloring is where I HAND COLOR using markers on most anything black and white, making that piece a one of a kind.  Such as this print.  No matter how many times I may color this piece, each one will ALWAYS be different and unique.

This particular B piece is a little more special.  This one was illustrated by a former Disney animator (Rick Farmiloe) who's currently animating both the Balkenator and B in their first animation short for the Studio.  And it's all being done by CEL animation.  Where every frame is drawn by hand on paper.  This is the first look at what the characters will look like in their first animation.

B will be hand colored using markers (PrismaColor and Blick Studio)
Other Info:
- Size: 7.5x10
- Printed on bright white 80# matte paper
     * which makes the markers really pop off the piece
- Placed in a bag and board (comic size)
- Signed by creator/colorist, Jeff Balke
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